Percis-V Symposium Deadlines for Manuscript Processing (EFF)

(Note: These are deadlines. Manuscripts will be processed on a rolling basis as they are submitted and reviewed.)

18-23 Sept. 2022

Percis-V Symposium

24 Sept. 2022

Guest Editor identifies prospective authors agreeing to participate in special issue and sends list of authors, corresponding author email, working titles, and preliminary abstracts sent to the Editorial Office for EFF. 

30 Sept. 2022

Prospective authors sent invitations by the Editorial Office to submit manuscripts on the EFF ScholarOne site via unique submission links. 

30 Nov. 2022

Deadline for MS submission prior to review

7 Dec. 2022

Editorial Office sends each manuscript to EiC for editorial review to determine whether it complies with the scope of EFF and written English is satisfactory.  

14 Dec. 2022

Papers accepted for peer review assigned to Guest Editor serving as guest editor on Scholar One; papers not deemed suitable for peer review by EFF will receive a final decision from the EiC, with referral to Aquaculture, Fish and Fisheries, if appropriate. 

31 Jan. 2023

Complete initial reviews of manuscripts. 

28 Feb. 2023

Submission of revised manuscripts. 

31 Mar. 2023

Complete reviews of revised manuscripts; accepted manuscripts exported to production by no later than 4th May 2023. 

29 May 2023

Production of manuscripts; authors must timely approve proofs upon receipt. All manuscripts will be published in Early View when ready. 

7 June 2023

Revised issue proof approved. 

8 June 2023

Special issue publication in EFF, Volume 32, Issue 3 (July).