How to get there


Biology Centre CAS

Branišovská 31 

České Budějovice 370 05

Conference will take place at Faculty of Science, University of South Bohemia
(Branišovská 31 České Budějovice)

Building C, room C2

Campus is shared with Biology Centre

Travel - how to get to the symposium site

Count with approximately 3,5 hours of traveling time from Prague Airport to České Budějovice.

Transport from Prague Airport to Main Railway Station in Prague by Airport Express

Prague Airport is directly connected with the Prague Main Railway Station by the Airport Express (AE) shuttle bus service, stopping directly in front of the main railway station building. Travel time is approximatelly 30 minutes (WebPage). Bus stop is in front of terminal 1 and 2. Airport Express bus tickets may be purchased directly from the bus driver. Non-transferable one-off ticket valid only for line AE cost CZK 60 CZK. The ticket will have to be paid in CZK only.
Important note: It is not possible to use regular Prague Public Transport tickets for rides to the Prague Main Railway Station aboard Airport Express. It is not neccessary to book a ticket!!!

Transport from Main Railway Station in Prague to České Budějovice by TRAIN

Prague Main Railway Station (WebPage) is directly connected with Railway Station in České Budějovice.

Traveling time is around 2 hours.

The ticket can be obtained at the main train station, online or in an app IDOS

Transport from Bus Station in Prague to České Budějovice by BUS

Traveling time is around 2 hours.

To catch the bus from Prague you will need to use public transportation from the airport, you can take a ride by bus 191 to bus station "Na knížecí", if you take some other bus you will need to transfer to bus or streetcar. For public transport you need to buy a ticket in a ticket machine or Tobaco shop. Cost of the ticket depends on the travel time. For a ride from airport I recommend the ticket for 90 minutes, cost 40 CZK (1,7 EUR) 

You can use a Regiojet (WebPage) from Prague (Bus stop Na knížecí, platform 1 or 2, but look for the yellow bus if the planfrom for some reason have changed) to České Budějovice. We recommend to book tickets online in advance. But remember that the plane or luggages may be easily delayed. The ticket price is approximatelly 180 CZK (7 EUR).

If you will be going by undergound/subway ("Metro" in czech) you will need to get out on stop "Anděl" to get to bus stop "Na Knížecí", where most of the buses departs from. 

Another option is to take the Flix bus, which is somewhat less reliable because it travels long distances and can be easily delayed (webpage). This bus departs from several bus stops in Prague, so be careful which one you choose, the best choice would be either Anděl (platform 7 usually) or Florenc bus stop.

For getting around by public transport I reccomend to download an app IDOS which will show you the connections for public transportation, buses and trains as well.

When looking for your bus online, watch out for the bus stop of the origin since there are more places where from where the buses departs from and here I mention only the most convenitent ones for your travel.

Transport in České Budějovice

By Bus: The town of České Budějovice offers Public transpotration, the busses are accesible outsite the Mercury shopping centre (Bus station is situated on the roof of the shopping centre), the opossite to Main Railway Station. Bus tickets (20 CZK, 0,8 EUR) may be purchased in ticket machine at most of the bus stops or in news stand, you can also pay by card in the bus but note that non-european cards might not be working. You can take the bus number 3 (direction "Máj, Antonína Balcara" ). The Biology Centre is situated very close to bus stop "Jihočeská Univerzita".

By Taxi: Also you can take a TAXI directly outside the Main Railway Station. The ride costs approximatelly 250 CZK (10 EUR).